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Bankruptcy is part of the Federal Law and is awarded through the United States bankruptcy courts located in each of the fifty states. Bankruptcy focuses on financial rehabilitation of citizens who are under financial stress. Millions of people and companies have benefited from bankruptcy laws in our court system. The law allows these consumers or entrepreneurs to start fresh by restructuring or totally eliminating their debts. If you are having financial difficulties, and no longer can pay your debts, let us help you with your NEW BEGINNING!

Immigration and Naturalization

We provide a variety of services for immigration and naturalization cases, including,
Work Permits
Asylum Claims
Religious Visa
Family Petitions
Migratory Status Adjustments
Domestic Abuse Victims Petitions
Spouse and Fiancee Visa
Defense in the immigration courts in cases of deportation

Automobile Accident

We handle a wide range of automobile accident cases including,

Auto Accidents
Commercial Truck Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Taxi Accidents
Pedestrian Accidents

“Jorge Acosta and his wife Ana are very welcoming and knowledgeable. They responded all my questions in a caring way and the best thing they won my bankruptcy case!” . I’m ready for my new beginning”

- Maria Castro

About Us

Jorge O. Acosta has legal offices in the cities of Tampa, Sarasota & Lakeland in the State of Florida. The firm’s highly competent and bilingual staff works with clients in an atmosphere of respect and commitment offering the best support when representing legal matters.

The attorney Jorge O. Acosta specializes in several areas of law including bankruptcy, immigration and naturalization, consumer, falls, family law, and automobile accident. Jorge O. Acosta offers free consultation on all legal matters and the attorney personally analyzes your situation.

Jorge O. Acosta - Attorney at Law

Attorney Jorge O. Acosta was born in Havana, Cuba. He grew up in the State of New Jersey. Jorge O. Acosta served in the United States Army and he is a veteran of the Vietnam Era. He graduated from Rutgers University in 1989 with a Juris Doctor Degree. He was immediately admitted to the courts of the State of New Jersey and Florida. Jorge O. Acosta conducts his legal practice in Spanish and English. Attorney Jorge O. Acosta has exercised the legal defense for more than 20 years in the state of New Jersey and in the cities of Miami, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Tampa and Orlando, Florida. His long career has been focused on helping the community by providing legal services. Jorge O. Acosta has experience in representing clients in state and federal courts.

Ana Luna - Law Clerk

Ana Luna is Jorge Acosta’s wife, and was born and grew up in Dominican Republic. She came to the USA 29 years ago. She had a bachelor’s degree from the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), DR in Economics, a Psychology Degree from USF, and currently pursuing one of her biggest dreams to become an attorney at Cooley Law School.

She has been working in the legal field for the past nine years. When she started working for Attorney Jorge Acosta, she confirmed her passion to help the community and bring hope and courage to many people and families through the immigration processes. At Jorge Acosta Attorney at Law, she makes sure that all their clients receive professional and honest service in their case. She prepares family petitions, waivers, court appeals, open removal procedures, cancelation of deportations and helps with other legal matters relate with family petition. Luna oversees cases on bankruptcy and family matters as well as the administrative portion of the Law Firm.

Luna’s passion, dedication, service, and love for God inspires others to success and reach their American dream.

“To ROCK (Respect, Organization, Commitment, and Knowledge) to success!”
- Ana Luna

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